Enterprises implement business processes using many different business, strategy, architecture, technology & infrastructure patterns. For a pragmatic, successful and adaptable enterprise, there is a need for these different layers to be set up in a self organizing, self governing way – which requires experts in each of these fields. What we provide is expert hub where you can find, set up and maintain all your expert requirements of the organization.

Some of the major areas where we provide pre-defined accelerators and provide on demand access to expert information are:

  • Governance
    • Enterprise
    • SOA
  • Architecture
    • Enterprise
    • Integration
    • Process
    • Data
    • Security
  • Technology
    • Programming
    • Automation
    • Testing
    • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure
    • Design
    • Maintanance
    • Support

If you have a different requirement in mind or have queries regarding services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion around your precise needs.